Emma Rylie (orlandoself) wrote in sexy_domorlando,
Emma Rylie

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Newbie here!

Name: Emma Rylie
Location: hillsboro oregon
Dom or Orli? even though my username does not admit it, i would choose Dom. 
Why do you think they're sexy?(Dom, or Orli or both) Do you even need to ask?  lol ok well yes like everyones been saying the accent is a HUGE turn on for me as well but well Dom adn his hair especially (the way he has it all long *dies*) and orlando and his godly cheeckbones.  *dies again*
Any pictures of either of them(3 max.)? well i dunno do you guys get some?  lemme look... uhm.. YES!


tee hee hee

guh and i really want to put some of the ones i have of dom singing in here but those are on my other computer.  BAH!


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