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What ya did and did NOT wanna know about meh!

Name: Full? Lisa Marie Carr
Age: 15 man! DRIVIN!
Location: Sweet Home Alabama
Dom or Orli? DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do you think they're sexy?(Dom, or Orli or both): They both have AMAZING bodies..I mean geez! [drool] haha Also, Dom is just plain hilarious, which to me, is very sexy! hee! [dances] Go Domeh! GO Domeh! lol haha He has the most hilarious faces and quotes! He just soo cute! OMG, the accent....oh the accent! [faints] I am a FREAK for British accents! I'm like, speak, and I'm YOURS! lol Also, his personality as a whole is just really sexy cuz he doesn't care what ppl think of him and he's so laid-back and I really love that! He knows how to have fun man! SO my kinda guy!! Well, I'm out! much LOVE!
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